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SC: Journalism Articles for Homecoming
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 12, 2017


 Favorite Homecoming Spirit Week 

            Members of the journalism class recently polled students and teachers at Scott Central to find out their favorite Spirit Week activities.

Coach Lewis – camouflage day

Zykerra Kincaid – character day

Coach Boswell – college day

Selah Henderson – nerd day

TJ Wash – throwback day

Roselyn Slack – senior citizen day

Haley Simmons – college day

Hannah Grace Horton – tacky tourist day

Cody Gilbert – senior citizen day

Mr. Reiss – character day

Tyreshia Futch – all

Chase Robinson – camouflage day

Aaliyah Spivey – character day

Jocey Bell – senior citizen and throwback day

Cody Robinson – camouflage day

Emilee Polk – character day

Mrs. Jones – 80s day

Coach Foreman – sweatshirt sign day

Austin Doughty – camouflage day

Ke’ Miah Hughes – throwback day

Jocelyn Odom – superhero day

Victoria Thrash – twin day

Shelby Cushman – spirit day

Lane Black – camouflage day

~Survey by: Cammie Cargile, Keeley Gardner, Marleigh Gardner, Tabitha McDaniel, and Alison York


Memories of Former Homecoming Maids


            Tammy Tadlock Doughty, Wendy Williamson Tadlock, Leigh Ann Sigrest Horton, Vanessa Haralson Norman and Kristi Bell Wade were all chosen by their classmates as homecoming maids at Scott Central spanning from the 1980’s to 2007.  These former “maids” shared their recollections of being on the homecoming court.  


What year were you in homecoming?

  • Vanessa Norman - I was in homecoming in 1994, 1995 & 1997.
  • Leigh Ann Horton - 9th-12th grade, 1988-1991
  • Kristi Wade - Honestly, I really don’t remember, maybe 2007.
  • Wendy Tadlock -  I was on the court in 1997 and 1998.
  • Tammy Doughty - 1980’s


Who escorted you on the field?

  • All maids were escorted by their father or grandfather.
  • Tammy Doughty recalled that maids could pick any one to escort them.


How was voting arranged?

  • All of the maids said voting was done on paper ballots in homeroom except for Kristi Wade who said that voting was done using scantrons during lunch.


What was homecoming like?

  • Kristi Wade - Fun!  Lots of school spirit shown.
  • Leigh Ann - To be honest, I really don’t remember. I think we maybe had spirit day on Friday, but that’s it.
  • Wendy Tadlock - Hyped! FUN!
  • Tammy Doughty - Each day of the week had a theme and we were able to dress up such as 50’s Day, Red/White/Blue Day, PJ Day, and Tacky Day.
  • Vanessa Norman - Homecoming 20 years ago was pretty much the same as homecoming now.  We all had pretty and expensive dresses.  My best homecoming memory was hearing my name as the 1997 Homecoming Queen.


            Make sure to attend the presentation of the 2017 Homecoming Court during halftime of the game this Friday, September 15.   



Prepared by: Danny Warren

 Jocey Bell

 Austin Doughty

 Hannah Grace Horton