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SC: MDES Field Trip
Posted On:
Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Mississippi Department of Employment Security Field Trip

Ms. McDowell took many of her classes to visit the MDES office. The field trip was broken down into two trips because of the size of the facility. The students were able to learn about WIN Job Centers and what they offered. WIN Job Centers assist businesses and individuals looking for jobs with a variety of services. The students learned that they offer: job search, placement assistance, resume software, interviewing tips, internet access, access to office equipment and many other things to help people be placed in the working field. They also offer many other services to the public. The students sit and listen with respect. They were shocked to find out that so much was offered in our very own home town. We appreciate the time given to our students by MDES office. A learning experience was had by all that attended this field trip.

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