Spreading Kindness

We are in our last week of school before the Christmas break and there are so many good things going on here at Scott Central Attendance Center. For this reason, we could not let you depart for Christmas break without sharing with you.


Countless things go on around us daily, which often cause distractions, and we may fail to notice the many acts of kindness right under our noses. Here at Scott Central there have been many acts of kindness taking place. This one will definitely make you smile.


Mrs. Savell's 1st grade used an Elf, Steve during this month in her class. Steve the Elf brings her students fun ideas each day and a kindness challenge. During one class Steve asked students to make bookmarks for their friends. All the grades were put in a bag and a 4th grade class was randomly selected to receive the bookmarks. The students put a lot of thought and love into making each bookmark.


Mrs. Savell's 1st grade class visited Mrs. Boswell's 4th grade class to present her students with the bookmarks they made. In addition to the bookmarks, Mrs. Savell's students gave something money cannot buy, compassion, hugs, and time. Mrs. Boswell's students loved the bookmarks, as well as the time they got to spend with Mrs. Savell's students.


Kindness has been spread throughout Scott Central from kindergarten to 12th grade, some acts known and unknown. It all works because we are a team. We have been blessed with amazing administration, staff, and students. As we finish our last few days of school and dash into Christmas break, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!